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May Blues

by Jasmine Gage

          The time is near. The sky turns gray; the color of calm and cozy. The wind blows a breeze through the trees. It blows the tune of May Blues, the rain dancer. I get to see her. I get to watch her dance. I heard she glides through the water like a fish in the sea. She rises, dives, swims, and sways through the storm. I heard that you may cry when she dances. It’s so beautiful that you couldn’t help but cry. I heard that your tears are like applause to her. It shows that she has touched your soul with her moves. I hope I cry for her in happiness.

         The beat of thunder rumbles through the sky, telling us how it’s almost time for her to perform. I stand in my window smiling ear to ear. I’m eager to see her dance. I heard it takes your breath away. I hope she takes my breath away. A flash of light is within the sky, lightening has struck. The faint sound of water flowing down onto our roof to the window panes. It flows ever so clearly to the sidewalk. I can hear the sound of bells chiming in the distance.

         There she is. Her hair is like a curly sponge. It soaks up the rain and shields her from its watery attempts to cover her face. Her clothing is the color of the rain. Transparent, grey, and calm. It looks as if she is blending into her surroundings. She appears to be a god, a goddess of some sort. She lifts her arms and sways them. The rain follows her movements as if they practiced together as one. She swirls one hand; thunder booms. She shakes the other. Lightening cracks. Her eyes remain closed throughout this performance.

         Is she talking to the rain? She spins around. Water droplets leave her body, and she stands there. The rain continues to pour down. I run outside to feel what she feels. I can feel it on my face. Running down my cheek and stopping at my chin. I wipe my face. A tear? I look back up and she is gone. The rain continues but the dance has stopped.


         Did my tears stop me from being one with her? The lightening continues to flash. The thunder is crashing. The rain is still pouring.

         Where did she go?

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