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The Weeds of Pain

by Elana Melzer


I remember

I remember a time

When I knew nothing of the weeds

The weeds of pain that now hold me hostage.


The weeds of pain spread through my body

Unwanted weeds in the garden of my life

Starting in my finger,

Then sprouting out into my feet and hands


The weeds of pain are cut down

Relief at last.                                            No.

I was wrong.

The weeds return with a vengeance.


This cycle of pain and relief,

Pain and relief

Repeats and repeats

It never ends.


The weeds of pain will never leave me.

As I grow, the weeds grow too

Sometimes I fear the weeds will overtake

And I will wilt.


But I refuse.

I refuse to wither under the weeds of pain.

Daily, I reach for the sun

Fighting the weeds that use MY LIFE to grow.


Oh, weeds of pain hear me now

You may try to consume me

But you will fail, just like all other dictators.

For I remain strong even under years of your tyranny.

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