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Mother Goddess

by Scarlett Catanzaro 


Your maternal, opaque presence,

protective from the heavens.

White Goddess, you.


Your lambent light ever

ceaseless and overflowing,

in your cloak of deep darkness.


Love abounds like

arms wrapping around

—brushing by.


Stars your grand equivalent,

when you befit the crone.

Womanhood owed.


Your uneven surface,

a soft reflection of

weary and weathered skin.



Now shrouded.

Dismissed by all,

age a mark of shame.


The cycle renewed.


Still, you reign supreme,

triumphant as the Maiden.

Perpetual your glow.


Mother Goddess,

do you see me?

Bespell me.


For you are femininity.

The triple goddess,

immense with power.

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