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by Mercedes Gates 



Whose light pierces the

Veil of the Ocean’s waves.


Rays that strike so bright

Icarus would fly like a moth

Meeting eternal flame.


No one dares encroach

Lest they meet heated wounds.

But fire speaks,

Its song flickers through distance

Whispering for those who feel.


There’s a balance between

Might and sorrow

Loneliness and warmth

Heart to heart

Neither the two shall merge

Though they try.


Oceans breathe

Fires consume

Steam rises

Ashes plume


Those who brave the sting of wrath,

May be rewarded in turn

But scars remain

Soothed by truth

The balm to affliction


Unrelenting as the sun may be

The ocean takes her fill

Ebbing and flowing

Ever in spite

Ever in light

Because the ocean knows

The whisper of fire

Every minor note

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