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Bitter or Sour

by A’Niye Hyde 


In the silent spaces of my mind,

memories from childhood blend.

Bitter and sour mingle

crafting a pattern of emotions from my early days.


Plunging into my memories

I wander through a maze of flavors and feelings.



Like the burnt edges of toast, my dad makes

clings to my memories like a stubborn stain.

It is the taste of 


unfulfilled promises,

and shattered dreams. 


It lingers like the echo of harsh words spoken in anger. 

staining the sweetness of youth with its acrid touch.


Sourness, however, is a different creature altogether. 

It is the puckering sensation and the sharp tang on the tongue.

It is the taste of mischief and secrets whispered.


But underneath all of this is a mother's love 

Sour as lemons, yet sweet beneath.


Every scold holds a sour note.

But you hear warmth and care in her voice


Childhood swings between sweet and tart.

Sour as the good times, 

yet sometimes as bitter as the bad.

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