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Founded in 1991, Catalyst is McKendree University’s undergraduate literary and art magazine. We publish the best poetry, short stories, nonfiction, and artwork from undergraduate students attending the Lebanon, IL, campus. Catalyst was created to showcase the creativity of our student body and give them the opportunity to have their work published with the help of their fellow peers. The magazine is student-run as a team of student editors work together to assemble each issue. Every spring a new edition of Catalyst is published, and authors have the opportunity to read their submissions for our community during the university’s Academic Excellence Celebration. Students can also read their work and interview with the editorial staff on our podcast series, giving insight into their inspirations and creative process. 

The 2024 edition of Catalyst was edited by Elizabeth Bocock, Scarlett Catanzaro, Keely Davis, Jasmine Gage, James Kingsley, Madison Rohn, Hailey Rose, Taylor Turner, and Kaitlyn Williams. Dr. Jenny Mueller oversaw production as the faculty advisor. 


Our Mission Statement

Catalyst invites a variety of artistic voices from different backgrounds paired with the purpose of creating outside of the pressure of academia. We strive to preserve and celebrate the power of written word and visual art. Each issue is a mosaic of the creative endeavors of that year’s student body. We consider Catalyst more than just a club. We are the stage for art, writing, and creation on our campus, giving students a taste of the joy that comes from being published and the chance to offer a more personal creative piece to the world. 


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