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Meet the Editors

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Elizabeth Bocock

Elizabeth is an English major at McKendree. She is a junior in college, and reading and writing takes up most of her time as she also contributes to The McKendree Review when she's not lost in a book.

Scarlett Catanzaro

Scarlett is an English major. She is the Co-President of the Literary Interest Society and VP of the English Honors Society. Scarlett also co-edited the 2023 Catalyst and contributed some of her own poetry. 

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Keely Davis

Keely is a junior studying Strategic Communication. She plans to use her degree to become a sports journalist for ESPN. Keely is a member of the McKendree women’s volleyball and powerlifting teams. She is also a member of McK Radio, producing her very own podcast, “Bearcat Talk, with Keely and Jackson.”

Jasmine Gage

Jasmine is a junior majoring in English with a minor in Creative Writing. She has previously published her own stories in Catalyst, is involved in the Literary Interest Society, and has contributed to The McKendree Review. 


Jake Kingsley

Jake is a return-to-school English student at McKendree. His passions include poetry and music, and his work has been featured in the 2023 print of Catalyst.


Madison Rohn

Madison is a senior Communication major with an English minor. She expresses herself creatively through theater and writing short stories and poetry. She is also a lead editor for The McKendree Review.


Hailey Rose

Hailey is a senior majoring in English, with a minor in Communication. Her passions include writing, reading, and crafty projects. After graduating McKendree, Hailey plans to join her family’s third-generation media production business.

Taylor Turner

Taylor is a sophomore majoring in English literature. She enjoys tutoring fellow students and has a passion for helping and learning from others. Her nonfiction story was published in Catalyst last year, her first publication ever!


Kaitlyn Williams

Kaitlyn is a junior attending McKendree, majoring in English Literature and a minor in Art. Taking inspiration from each of her creative hobbies, she hopes to one day publish her own novels and comics.

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