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The Contractor in the Moon

by Tessie Naumovich 


But how big are we talking?  

Big enough to see out your window,   

but small enough as to barely make out a face.  

And how big is big?  

3 million meters—no make it 3.5!  

What, will we run out of space?  

No— this diameter will be too great. 

And when will its faces change?  

Every Monday would be too soon,   

but every month, yes that should do!  

And tell me what happens when the sun goes down?  

Oh, when the sun goes down,  

that’s when we’ll all come alive.  

The immense awakening of teenagers and wolves  

Greek goddess Artemis reharnessing her strength  

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  

true colors triumph 

even the water will dance. 

But sir! What will we call it?  

Why, we’ll call it the moon! 


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