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Everything I Ever and Never Wanted
Cecily Pina

He was all I wanted and so much more

He gave me a feeling like never before

But after a while things started to crumble

Like a boulder hitting a house

The destruction, the rumble

He was the strength I needed to keep myself strong

But then was not when things all went wrong

I was hurt by the way he started to treat me

That even so I began to wonder

Is this how it was meant to be?

And when I made a list of things he didn't approve of

More seemed to be listed than the ones he had loved

It seems like now I don't know his full story

He tells me new things and that I shouldn't have to worry

He's different now than he was from the start

He doesn't put in the effort like I do

I begin to see that we're falling apart

Piece by piece my heart is shattering

By the pain of knowing that things between us aren't as flattering

I hate to see now what he has become

I wish it were easy

I wish I were numb

He was all I wanted and so much more

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