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Citrus Synonyms: Bittersweet Acidity

by Mya Watson-Blake 


Bitter –

Bittersweet –

Acid, acidic, biting; citrus.

I used to love eating  spiteful, sullen, sour, citrus.

But I can no longer brace its unsweetened bitterness.

Lemons, limes, mandarin, oranges.

I’m aggrieved from your tartness.

Painful, unpleasant, grievous, traumatic,

Who would have thought I’d go into anaphylaxis?

Agonizing, tragic, an unhappy accident.

A very bitter experience indeed.

Dissatisfied, disgruntled, and discontented.

How I burn for your harsh bite.

Grapefruit, kumquat, clementine, raw citrus fruit,

Lead to intense tingling, itching, and swelling.

Unbearable, unendurable, unfriendly,

Your bittersweet is inedible.

Like a sharp, pungent taste or smell;


Our affair must come to a bitter end.

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