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21st Century Problems

Emily Barylske


I’m done with these problems

We got people starving on the streets looking for a pair of sheets.

We got babies locked in cages and assaulting them and it’s causing rages.

We ignore the mental health crisis and cut the budget more than half.

We throw away education as if the world doesn’t need it.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer,

But don’t worry at least Betty White is still getting older.

We fill our heads with empty nothingness on screens we are now addicted too,

We ignore those crying out for help and standing on the streets mad as hell.

Kids are getting shot left and right and they tell you now not to worry about the alt-right.

We are fixing ourselves up a horrible concoction that is only gonna end in our destruction.

Whatever happened to love thy neighbor.

Whatever happened to sharing love across borders.

No longer are we a free nation.

Mother Liberty is signaling her light and it’s in distress.

Her children are being killed and discriminated against,

And the people in the big chairs tell her don’t worry concentrate on other countries.

We push the spotlight off us until the world is tired of our big bad huss.

Change needs to come before we all regret the great outcome.


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